Here's Why Copywriters Love Ludwig: The Linguistic Search Engine That Will Help You Write Better Sentences

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You're at your desk sipping coffee ☕ and writing in your notepad. You're writing a blog post about social media. Your client wants the post in his Dropbox at 5:00 a.m.

You're frustrated and it's 3:25 a.m. Your spelling and grammar checker has made awful grammar corrections. You decide to take a nap 🛌🏿 and deal with the problem later. Oh my God! 😱 You've slept in, and it’s now 4:37 a.m. You're frantic. You search Product Hunt for alternatives to your grammar application and eventually find Ludwig, a linguistic search engine that will help you write better sentences. Well, that is exactly what happened to me.

I searched for a tool that would help me find the best way to express my ideas and found Ludwig. I was instantly captivated by the linguistic search engine. It was like using Google but for finding sentences. Instead of telling me what was wrong with my sentences, Ludwig compared my sentences with reliable examples.

When my Ludwig trial was finished, I purchased a year subscription to the search engine and found out why thousands of Copywriters love 💖 it. The search engine helps them write better sentences, choose the right words, and stay focused while using its advanced search features.

Write✍ Better Sentences

Linguistic Search Engine
Photographer: Johnadeen Albertini| Source: Ludwig

Using precise grammar will help you communicate your ideas effectively. Ludwig will help you remember grammar rules. It will compare your incorrect sentences from a database of more than 200 million sentences. These sentences are taken from business journals, newspapers, reports, and reliable publications.

Choose ➡The Right Words

Photographer: Johnadeen Albertini| Source: Ludwig

Ludwig will help you choose the right words. As a copywriter, your words need to persuade your readers to buy your company's products or services. If you use repetitive language, you'll bore 😴 your readers. They'll stop reading your content and you won't make any sales. With the search engine's advanced dictionary, you can quickly find synonyms that will engage your audience.

Ludwig also has a built-in translator that will help you translate foreign words into English. The translator can translate Arabic, Italian, Japanese, and more than 13 other languages.

Stay Focused 🕉

You can't afford to get distracted. Your distractions will make you produce awful content. Ludwig's desktop application 🖥 has a distraction-free interface. The interface will help you concentrate while you 🔍search its database. The desktop app is available for both Windows and Mac and features an advanced search filter.

The filter finds sentences that are similar to yours so that you can confidently express your ideas. For example, if you're writing a blog post about economics and want to see sentences pertaining to the subject, you can select to see sentences from only economic magazines.

My Gift 🎁To You

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writing can be time consuming. So I have made a special offer with Ludwig to help you get your work done on time. As a thank you for reading this blog post, I have pestered Ludwig’s team for a special deal for my readers.

Fill out the contact form below to get a FREE month trial to Ludwig. Message me on LinkedIn for more information about this powerful linguistic search engine.

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